CoolBlues Club Soda - Add a fizzy spirit to your drinks

Cool Blues Soda
CoolBlues Club Soda
CoolBlues Club Soda

Invented by Priestly, an Englishman around 1700, Carbonated Soda Water, also known as Club Soda is used as one of the main ingredients in most of soft drinks, giving them their carbonation.

CoolBlues Club Soda presents with an exciting blend of nature's freshness and bubbling effervescence in a magic bottle filled with a great taste and refreshing feeling in an every sip. Prepared in a refined and hygienic facility, CoolBlues Club Soda provides an adequate mixture of the refreshing natural water carbonated to provide an unforgettable flavor to your taste buds.

Ideally suited to healthy drinking, and popular across the globe with varieties of names "carbonated water", "seltzer", "fizzy water", the branded variant CoolBlues Club Soda can be consumed plain as well can be enjoyed mixed with fruit juice mocktails & with alcoholic beverages like cocktails. It composes splendid cocktails and tunes one to be rightly spirited. The addition of our Soda water to a cocktail helps dilute the drink and make a drink more delicious.

» 600 ml Soda