CoolBlues – A Perennial Supply of Pure Water

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water 10 growing urbanization and countryside getting converted into cities, the most affected natural resource is drinking water that has been contaminated and has lost its naturalness and purity. Even the water provided by municipal bodies to an extent has been failed to supply pure and healthy drinking water due to supply through decades old worn-out supply lines which has only added to health hazards of drinking low-standard contaminated water. CoolBlues, a renowned name in supplying quality Packaged Drinking Water for household, retail and corporate sector for bulk usage has offered a right drinking water solution to solve this problem of contaminated drinking water. Providing an extensive packaged water range primarily into 20 and 25 litres jars, CoolBlues, a sparkling thirst quencher has emerged as a natural alternative to refreshing water.

ItemsCoolBlues Products – A Spectrum of Quality Offering - Specially, designed to meet the specific mineral water demand for corporate as well as households, the CoolBlues water jars and bottles are uniquely initiated and integrated with a mineral water solution, focusing on immediate delivery as an inherent USP with its drinking water range. Its unique features follow as:- • Designed elegantly for the best user friendliness• Made from the best food grade plastic, PC (Polycarbonate) & PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)• Water purification under various filtration processes• A thorough extensive underground weekly water analysis in laboratory by experts• We strictly follow the necessary standards to assure the best water quality• CoolBlues has certification from leading regulatory bodies as an credential for providing the best     quality water

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water 7 – The Most Advanced Filtering Unit Realizing Regular Water Supply - Owing to its state-of-the-art Filtration and Processing Unit, CoolBlues Packaged Drinking Water sets the standards, when it comes to superior quality & packaging. Employing the most advanced and innovative RO (Reverse Osmosis) processes, the filtration units at Coolblues especially are customized for supplying the best water solutions. To realize its commitment towards providing quality Packaged Drinking Water, the processing unit at CoolBlues in addition is incorporated with a well equipped research laboratory and a testing lab.

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water 17 Dispensers – Premium Range with Superior Performance - CoolBlues Water Jars are provided with world class hot and cold Water Dispensers featuring impeccable temperature control to cater the adequate need of cold water throughout the day. It is developed using supreme grade static condenser, high wattage compressor and many other materials as per industry laid norms. Additionally, they are facilitated with prompt and quality client servicing for the efficient and non-stop water supply. At CoolBlues, we continuously endeavor to improve our standards and adopt innovative approaches to provide the best water products to our customers.

Features:-• Long lasting plastic for front panel and faucets• Conveniently removable drip tray• Topicalised for efficient cooling even in the hot climatic conditions• Lower  power consumption• Bimetal sensors to ensure protection against overheating• Quiet operations

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water 22 Satisfaction – A Reason for Us to Ensure Regular Quality Water Supply - Customer Satisfaction has always been the utmost priority for CoolBlues. We continuously endeavor to offer the best schemes & services to our client ranging from household, retail and corporate. From online ordering to timely delivery, CoolBlues leaves no stone unturned for its customers to have a delightful & convenient service experience.

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water Delivery Service & Distribution – Convenient Delivery at Your Doorstep - CoolBlues Packaged Drinking Water offering along with the best services for prompt packaged water supply is made possible only by the skilled team of professional’s aiding in distributing and supplying Packaged Drinking Water to different locations across India. From convenient doorstep delivery to expert installation, we ensure complete customer satisfaction.


logo2.pngIn order to compensate demerits of soft water, mineral water brands are nice to be added into your diet. Generally, a mineral water bottle contains about four times minerals than a tap water.  As a matter of fact, magnesium can also be obtained from brown rice, almonds, lima beans and spinach as a nice source of magnesium.

So, when choosing a mineral water brand for the sake of health purposes, a person should choose it correctly according to mineral deficiency, he is suffering from, as different mineral water taste, differently, because of spring source of water contained in it.

Mineral waters are never been harmful to the teeth or tend to cause kidney stones, however, your doctor would rather suggest you to take as much as possible mineral water and fluid. With respect to its harm to teeth, it is always very less acidic in carbonated content, when compared with flavored sodas.

Packaged Drinking Water

COOL BLUES PACKAGED DRINKING WATER The mineral water found in a Packaged Drinking Water brand provides great health benefits to you. Calcium and magnesium as a mineral found in the water are very essentials for strong bones. Magnesium at the same time is also very necessary to regulate blood pressure. People living by or consuming soft water are more prone to heart diseases.

All is Sustained by Water

COOL BLUES Packaged Drinking Water 11 than perhaps any other element of life on earth, water makes possible the existence of all living organisms. When two hydrogen atoms fasten to one oxygen atom, they create an asymmetrically shaped molecule. The hydrogen atoms are drawn together slightly on one side of the oxygen atom, creating a positive charge on one side of the water molecule and a negative charge on the other. The opposite charges create an effect similar to a magnetic attraction that bonds water molecules to neighboring water molecules and to other substances.